gathered to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday; or even a moment when someone you loved still walked on this earth with you. If you're waiting for perfection to have photos taken - then a thousand beautiful memories in between will be lost. A photo is something treasured by children and grandchildren, never depreciates in value, and continues to bring joy throughout the history of your family. Don't wait.

There's so much imperfection in a moment. A thousand things we can find wrong at any point in time. But looking back at a photo, it's not those imperfections that are immortalized, but a moment in time... A moment before your now-teenager could even walk on their own; a moment where the whole world quieted when you danced with your love for the first time since they became your spouse; a moment where your whole family  


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My favorite time of year is right near the end of summer.: when the leaves are still green, but have a golden glow when the light shines through them. Naps are my favorite pastime. Cupcakes are my dessert of choice - and I consider wedding cake to be a job perk. I have two beautiful daughters, who somehow fuel my life and simultaneously zap me of my energy. I have an orange cat who loves to sleep on my face, which I not-so-secretly love. I've been married to my husband, Matthew, since 2009, and there's no one else I'd rather do life with. I will cry during your father daughter dance and swing my hips to "Shut Up And Dance with Me" as the party picks up. I will take your picture, and I will celebrate your marriage.



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